La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs
Bailliage de Victoria ~ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Review of the Bubby's Kitchen event, June 26th 2016
Gail Gabel, Vice Chancelier and Argentier

This was our first “Chaine Lite” event in well over a year. We were pleased to be able to welcome two new members, Spencer Massie and Jack Logan who has transferred to our Bailliage following his move here from Alberta.

The Conseil was very appreciative of Larry Arnold’s efforts to organize a replacement venue when The Village Butcher location was cancelled. Joel Margolis, owner of Bubby’s Kitchen volunteered to host the event and closed his restaurant early to give us exclusive use during the evening. Chef Kyle was excited to be able to demonstrate the range of his culinary talents which are not called on in his normal working life at Bubby’s Kitchen. Kyle is not a formally trained chef but his experience and creativity were reflected in his menu which featured all local produce, seafood and lamb. His experience together with his demonstrated skill is allowing him to challenge the Culinary Red Seal certification soon.

The presentation of each course was outstanding as well as palate pleasing. Kyle’s serving staff were pleasant and delivered each course very promptly. The roasted prawn head, meant to be eaten, was an interesting accompaniment to the spot prawns. For those who had not experienced eating prawn heads, a delicacy in Japanese cuisine, they may have been just a little to exotic and chewy.

The soup was a silky textured Kurri squash and the floating tiny beignet was a tasty morsel. Then came the lamb rib chops served on a bed of small heirloom vegetables. The general consensus at our table was that the lamb was truly the highlight of the meal, perfectly cooked, tender and delicious.

The chocolate cake and ice cream dessert rounded off the meal perfectly.

Not to be forgotten are the wines, expertly chosen by Larry Arnold who gave his usual and very knowledgeable description of each selection. For the lamb course, Larry introduced two red wines, one 25 years old and as second much younger. The contrast was very defined and as Larry explained, the drinking experience in tasting an older wine is far different on the palate than that of quaffing a young red. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to experience the differences exhibited by the two reds.

All in all, a memorable evening enjoyed by the 17 Chaine members and 17 partners and guests who attended.