L’Ordre Mondial is a group within the Chaine des Rotisseurs whose members have a special interest in wine, beer and spirits. While the Chaine des Rotisseurs celebrates the culinary achievements and interests of our professional members, L’Ordre Mondial expands upon this and includes the achievements and interests in the field of wine, beer and spirits. A majority of the events have an educational component where members have the opportunity to learn more about the ever changing and infinitely complex world of wine, beer and spirits. From Old World to New World wines, from Pilsner to Ale and from Scotch to Sake, members enjoy exploring all aspects of pairing wine, beer and spirits with today’s finest cuisines.

L’Ordre Mondial was founded in Paris in 1963 and has been an integral part of the Chaine des Rotisseurs since its inception. OM events in Victoria are scheduled throughout the year and offer culinary quality equal to the Chaine “Amical Black Tie” events but in a smaller and much more casual environment. All members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs are welcome at l'Ordre Mondial events and the wearing of ribbons of grade is encouraged but never required. All Chaine members share a passion for culinary perfection paired with complementary beverages. The OM format allows us to expand our experiences past the traditional pairings of “white wine with fish, red with meat” and into the contemporary world of gastronomy.

L’Ordre Mondial membership is encouraged but not required. All dues are used in support of national and international Jeunes Sommeliers competitions.  Our local Vice Echanson and our national Echanson, Cynthia Grossman will be pleased to provide more information on L’Ordre Mondial.  Annual dues are $35.00 with an additional $15 initial membership fee to cover administrative costs.